Farewell Keepsake box


The Farewell Keepsake box,

We designed our Keepsake Box for people who choose not to bury or cremate their pets. This can be used as a memento to keep your pets collar or favorite toy in. Anyone can assemble this box (no nails, no screws, no glue, no tools). Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions and in just a few minutes the box will be formed.

Our keepsake box is eco-friendly. The birch wood is unpainted and smooth finished. Should you wish to personalize this box, children and/or adults can decorate or paint on any of the clean surfaces using the Paint and Brushes supplied.

The plaque can be fixed onto the top, side, or kept as a memento with your pet’s name on it.

Included with the kit is a Workbook to help children cope with their loss at their level of understanding.

Also included is a Guidebook & Memorial Service developed by a grief counselor, which is an age-appropriate non-denominational funeral and burial ceremony designed to guide family members through the grieving process.

We at Farewell hope that we have helped your family during this process. We wish you wonderful memories of happier days spent with your beloved pet.