Why the Farewell Pet Kit?

Interestingly, it was created by a fomer US Airforce Chaplain, who while deployed during Desert Storm was counseling families of enlisted military personnel. The Chaplain was amazed at how many people came to him to seek grief counseling for themselves and their children on the loss of their pet! It was at that point that the chaplain realised that unlike the loss of human life, there is no protocol for dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. So he set about creating that protocol, and over the next three years Farewell Pet Kit was created.  

We are proud to say that all our components are made in the USA: our pet caskets are manufactured in Frazeysburg, Ohio using birch wood, and the packaging materials are also products of the USA.

We enlisted a professional grief counselor to prepare a family-oriented Guidebook and Memorial Service.

The loss of a beloved pet is probably a child’s first experience with the passing of a loved one. We feel it is very important that they be a significant part of the service and participate in all the steps during this difficult time.

We at Farewell hope that we have helped your family during this process.  We wish you wonderful memories of happier days spent with your beloved pet.