I am so grateful to Farewell Pets. My family lost our dog who was a family member. When we were asked to test the pet kit we were not sure about this. It is a new thought, putting our dog in the casket. After we followed the service and buried “Stanley” we were so grateful to have this beautiful respectful ceremony. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to show respect to their family pet.
I am writing to thank you for such a thoughtful and precious idea to have a way to honor our dog. Burying her seems the natural way to dispose of her body and the respect we were able to give her with your non denominational farewell service made it all so special. Thank you.
My name is Gabriel and I am 7 years old. My hamster died and I took him to the doctor because he was sick. He died. I got a pet kit. It was easy for me and my daddy to put together. I painted a picture on top. I like the book in the kit. I am sad my hamster died. I am happy to bury him in our backyard. Thank you. Gabe
Dear Farewell Products. Our veterinary clinic informed us that our golden retriever was ill with cancer and we had to put him down. They offered us the Farewell Pet Kit. We want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to show respect to our dog and the guide books not only helped our children, but my wife and I valued from the beautiful words. What an amazing product for such a difficult time.
Dear Farewell Products, my golden retriever named Butter Scotch died after being in our family for 16 years. I did not want to cremate her as i found it disrespectful to the beautiful animal she was. I was very skeptical as to how my family and I were going to go along with her burial. After days of research I was suggested to the Farewellpetkit. Ordering one was probably one of my greatest purchases in recent years, allowing my family and I to prepare the casket and bury Butter Scotch as she deserves to rest. I highly recommend your products to all animal/pet owners that have to unfortunately deal with the loss of there loved pets. On behalf of the whole Knightman family, Thank you!