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Questions? 1-855-735-2011


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Losing a loved one is a very difficult happening. Thankfully we are surrounded by surviving family members, friends, clergy and funeral homes to guide us through the rituals of passing, the service, the burial and the grieving. We are used to and expect this support system that encompasses the various protocols.

Not so for our beloved and cherished pets. The passing of this family member is never easy.

The Farewell Pet Kit provides all the components that a family requires to seamlessly transition our beloved animal from this world to the one beyond.

Your Farewell Pet Kit includes a pet casket for internment, made of eco-friendly unpainted smooth surface Birch wood, ready to assemble. Just follow our simple step-by-step instructions. Our patented design allows you to form a sturdy box in just a few moments. It’s that simple…. no nails, no screws, no glue required!

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